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Cercis has manufactured Optical Loss Test Sets for customer  applications.  OLTS combine both sources and powermeter into one handheld instrument.  Two sources can be combined with two detectors to test duplex or multifiber connectors.

As shown at left, the graphic readout can display a set reference (-23.07 dBm for Cable 1 and -20.29 dBm for Cable 2), the wavlength of the source used, and the battery charge (92%).  Additionally, the contrast of the display can be adjusted to accommodated ambient lighting.

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2-3 Instruments  In One Small Hand-held  .  .  .  Two Sources + Power Meter + Visible Fault Finder

Cercis 5210 Series and 5310 Series are optical loss test sets which combine a dual laser (5210) or dual LED (5310)  source with a power meter and a visible laser fault finder.

8 Keys Access All Functions
Parameters - mode (dBm, n/
m/mW), Calibrated Wavelength - are selected by the user, first for Channel 1, then for Channel 2. 

Combinations of industry-standard simplex and duplex (SC, LC) connectors are available to best suit the user. 

The 5210 or 5310 Optical Loss Test Set is housed in a 7.2" X 3.7" X 1.3" box with protective rubber holster, including retractable pedestal.  Each unit has a battery pack 4-AA rechargeable NiMH batteries, plus external AC adapter/recharger.  (Std. 120V AC recharger provided with each unit). 

As with all Cercis instruments, a proprietary click-on/click-off interchangeable adaptor is provided for the power meter port,; the sources can be either fixed FC or interchangeable adapter(s).  One power meter adapter  is provided with each unit and 1 or 2 for each light source port-and user may specify type desired. ABS case with OLTS and accessory items, can be provided.        

Features - Model 5210  and Model 5310


At right is an Optical Loss Test Set supplied to customer requirement for multifiber hermaphroditic connectors. 

This unit was made for use with multimode fibers - using 1300 nm LEDs as sources; other units were made for use with singlemode fibers - with 1310 nm laser diodes.